Film Review In a Dark Place

Anna is working as an art instructor in the city, nevertheless she fails in the huge city, and is given a task to teach a young girl by the name of Flora. In the film though it appeared that Anna played the function of the nanny and the art teacher. I’m not really sure, it was too uninteresting to figure it out completely, and too lame to want to rewind to get all of the responses.

In A Dark Place seemed like a fascinating film, exclusively due to the fact that I based it on the DVD’s box cover. It looked like a gruesome scary motion picture surrounding kids. Usually there is absolutely nothing creepier than evil kids.

When I popped the movie in however, In A Dark Place, just dragged out and on, and nothing made much sense.

In the starting Anna starts to sense that their is something deeply wrong with Flora. Only I never sensed it, or were provided any examples of why she was identified a disturbed child by Anna. So the kid doesn’t think finger paint is lady like. What’s so wrong about that?

Shortly after developing a relationship with Flora, Anna gets a letter from some independent school that Miles (Flora’s bro) is expelled from the school. When Anna goes to pick him up, she asks why he is expelled, however is not provided a reason.

As an audience you presume the reasons will be brought out to the table in the future in the movie … only … the reason is never ever drawn out.

After the kids are together, I began to question if Miles was the evil one, he seemed to glitch in and out of a great kid, and into a wicked kid. Just you simply couldn’t be sure. I was left scratching my head the majority of the time.

By the middle of the flick, Anna then begins to have psychological break downs where she believes she is seeing ghosts of dead people who once resided in your house. Just when the film began to get remarkably complicated, Anna goes and has a lesbian encounter with some unusual broad who resides in the house. I was thrown off track. What the hell is going on?

The kids are wicked? Miles is wicked? The lady who draws boobies is whack? Anna is a freak?

The film progressed, and Anna gets more crazy, a lot that you are not exactly sure what the hell is going on. Is she the wicked one?